Fresh spring rolls with peanut butter dip

Fresh spring rolls is such an easy way to get a lot of veggies, and you can combine them in  so many ways using almost any vegetable you have in the kitchen. These ones come with a peanut butter dip and thai sauce on the side. Oh yeah it is good Peanut butter dip 3Continue reading “Fresh spring rolls with peanut butter dip”

Avocado-pea dip

Today my favorite colour is green. So why not let the first post on my new blog be a completely green one 🙂 Easy, healthy, beautiful, sweet and delicious – what’s not to like? Avocado-pea dip 1 ripe avocado 1 cup peas (use frozen or fresh) Juice from 1 lemon (more or less) 1 garlic cloveContinue reading “Avocado-pea dip”