A plantbased doctor


I am Stine, welcome!

Another food-blog you might think. Well, maybe so. But I want to share my experiences both from the plantbased, “alternative” world and from the medical world. I have a dream of helping other people living a healthier, happier and more sustainable life. Every dream has to start with one step, and I think a blog is a pretty good first step. Here you will find recipes, thoughts on health, food and yoga, facts and surprises. The recipes will be all vegan and mostly glutenfree too.

I am a danish, plantbased, yogi medical doctor. I believe in love, peace and energies, and yes I am the weird hippie-person in my family, and yes I am the crazy “food-is-the-best-medicine” – doctor at the hospital. And yes I am proud of it! So let us embrace our differences, they are nevertheless so small that they don’t really matter. After all we are all just human.


So once again, welcome! I hope you enjoy. Feel free to comment or write me if you have any questions.


Namaste and eat the greensIMG_1607